Fierce Female: Alex

Alex is a legacy Law Enforcement Officer, justice is in her blood. Alex was especially inspired by her own fearless mother, as both her parents and other family members have gone down the path to protect and serve. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” – FDR

In her free time, @alexnooch enjoys going to the beach, hiking and kayaking with her fiancé, recreational shooting and trying new guns, and tackling home improvement projects. Her most important project currently? Planning her upcoming wedding!

Here at Glam Set Go, we believe that beauty, brawn, intelligence, and community can coexist – and Alex is a prime example of that! In support of female empowerment, Alex teaches other women how to shoot and how to protect themselves. So whether in her armor of Law Enforcement gear or her pink lipstick and little black dress, Alex shows us that real fearlessness lies within!

About Featured Fierce Females

What is a fierce female? A badass woman. Every woman is a badass in their own way. It can be someone that has exceptional confidence, strength, passion, intelligence, humor or any mix of so many other things. These women are teachers, doctors, firefighters, mentors, caregivers, volunteers and Moms. They are those that battle physical or mental illness, those that have committed to themselves and to healthier lifestyles, have overcome adversity and broken barriers. Who is a badass woman? You are.

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