Fierce Female: Allison

Meet Allison @halle05lisa, a well-rounded, intelligent, and beautiful individual, inside and out! Allison’s beauty radiates through her bright smile, infectious laugh, and kind and compassionate heart.

Allison is known for her prowess in Human Resources, where she thrives as a busy HR Manager. She has a way of bringing people together, from organizing activities and social events to Zoom meetings and conference calls, somehow ensuring everyone always feels heard and special.

As a busy woman on the go, Allison prioritizes herself with work-life balance and lives by the motto “work hard, play hard.” Outside of work, Allison enjoys traveling, working out, cooking, and learning about new makeup tips and skincare regimens.

About Featured Fierce Females

What is a fierce female? A badass woman. Every woman is a badass in their own way. It can be someone that has exceptional confidence, strength, passion, intelligence, humor or any mix of so many other things. These women are teachers, doctors, firefighters, mentors, caregivers, volunteers and Moms. They are those that battle physical or mental illness, those that have committed to themselves and to healthier lifestyles, have overcome adversity and broken barriers. Who is a badass woman? You are.

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