Badass Beauty Tip: Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of the rare eye makeup trends that stands the test of time and is always in style. Nothing elevates your look like a perfectly drawn winged eyeliner, it is bold, beautiful and complements almost every kind of look.

The challenge is that this look can be difficult to achieve without the proper technique. We’ve all felt defeated when we looked in the mirror only to see one side that looks a bit crooked or smudged. So what to do if you struggle with the perfect winged eyeliner?

1. Use a liquid eyeliner pen for precision and ease
2. Start drawing your wing by making a thin line with small strokes working outwards
3. Fill in the rest of the wing with small strokes working inwards
4. Connect the inner corner to the rest of the wing by making a thin line
5. Use small strokes for more control and build the line to your desired thickness
6. Voila! Now you have perfect wings!

It is possible to get a bit obsessed when trying for the perfect wing. Like any makeup skill, practice makes perfect (or in the case of the cat eye purrrfect!).

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